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Oklahoma Respiratory Institute

 “Breathing is the Greatest Pleasure in Life” – Giovanni Papini 

Oklahoma Respiratory Institute is run by a veteran leadership team with deep clinical knowledge and professional expertise in pulmonary medicine. With decades of combined experience, we are bound together by a commitment to the well-being of our patients.

Doctor Examining Patient

Our Story.

At Oklahoma Respiratory Institute, our goal is to provide world-class patient care by combining our strengths in clinical expertise, cutting-edge research, and education. Our goal is to serve our community and fellow Oklahomans who seek a definitive diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment for their lung disease,  for common,  rare, or complex lung disorders.


Our staff with the collaboration of other specialists across a spectrum of various specialties is to bring world-class care to each and every patient because every patient deserves world-class care.  


Meet the team at Oklahoma Respiratory Institute.

Our team of board-certified pulmonary and critical care physicians and nurse practitioners are dedicated to providing the best care and treatment for the most prevalent pulmonary and respiratory conditions that are affecting patients.

Advisory Board Members.

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